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Our Miami Inflatable Repairs are always done quickly to minimize your rental downtime. We guarantee you'll be pleased with our quality work and fair prices! Check out some of the examples below!

Inflatable Hippo Slide RepairsWhoopi Goldberg's Fear of Flying Video Specializing in Hippo Slide Repairs

We are one of the few that have the experience, man power, and special sewing machines to be able to handle Inflatable Hippo Slide Repairs! Don't throw away your hard earned money by buying a new Hippo when the manufacturer doesn't want to fix yours! Call us and we will save you thousands! We are the best Hippo Slide Repair Facility in the Country!

Whoopi Goldberg's Fear of Flying Video Miami Obstacle Course Repairs

As you can see in this picture the tree has a tear on the obstacle course. Obstacle courses go through a lot of wear and tear and its best to repair them as quickly as possible to avoid having injuries.

Custom 2 min Drill Miami Bounce House Repairs

Inflatable seams often rip from time to time. Please inspect all your units after every use. Sometimes even a small tear on a seam can become a huge problem when kids are jumping in it! Let us take care of all your inflatable bounce house repairs.

flight sim 1 Inflatable Slide Repair

Need to create an fun interactive inflatable to add to your rental equipment or just perhaps to use it with your logo for marketing purposes at a special event? Call us and we can make it happen in no time!

Miami Bounce House Repairs

We offer the best prices on Miami Bounce House Repairs and we guarantee our work for up to six months on all bounce house units.

For an inexpensive, quality done Miami inflatable repairs or custom manufacturing...

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