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Our Inflatable Hippo Slide Repairs are always done quickly to minimize your rental downtime. We guarantee you'll be pleased with our quality work and fair prices! The Hippo Slide is one of the most diffucult inflatable slides to repair in the rental industry and you will need an expert with the right industrial sewing machine to repair this beast! Count on us for a quality Inflatable Hippo Slide Repair!

Inflatable Hippo Slide RepairsWhoopi Goldberg's Fear of Flying Video Specializing in Hippo Slide Repairs

We are one of the few that have the experience, man power, and special sewing machines to be able to handle Hippo Slide Repairs! Don't throw away your hard earned money by buying a new Hippo when the manufacturer doesn't want to fix yours! Call us and we will save you thousands! We are the best Hippo Slide Repair Facility in the Country!

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