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Our Miami Interactive Inflatable Sales can be customized for unique event entertainment and promotions. Check out some of the examples below!

Whoopi Goldberg's Fear of Flying Video Start/Finish Line For Athletic Events

We can customize just about anything you like for any sporting event. Just give us your logo and we can imprint it on the actual inflatable.

Custom 2 min Drill Fun Interactive Inflatables

Need to create an fun interactive inflatable to add to your rental equipment or just perhaps to use it with your logo for marketing purposes at a special event? Call us and we can make it happen in no time!

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Custom Inflatable Sales For Party Rental Companies

Miami Inflatable Sales & Repairs can create anything from a simple bounce house to interactive inflatables, slides, pool extensions for dry slides, Slip & Slides, and so much more! Were the leader in innovation and quality inflatable sales and repairs in Miami!

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Interactive Inflatables and Bounce House For Sale in Miami

Miami Inflatable Repairs and Sales is your only reputable choice in the Miami, Fl area. Don't be fooled by fly by night party rental companies that claim they can do quality repairs. This is what we do on a day by day basis and while there is a handful of companies that actually know how to do repairs, their is no one in this market that can actually build you a quality inflatable unit from scratch! We also guarantee you won't find better local pricing when it comes to Inflatable repairs and Sales in Miami!

18" Inflatable Slide For Sale

This is an excellent unit to purchase for backyard events. Easy to carry and very colorful to look at. A real attention grabber! Call us for more info.

Sale Price: Call for price
Unit Height: 18" Feet
Unit Length: 24" Feet
Unit Width: 13" Feet
Unit Weight: 380 LBS
Warranty: 12 Months

24" Single Lane Slide w/ Slip & Slipe

One of the best money maker rentals in the industry has to be this type of inflatable. Use it dry during the winter months and wet during the summer with the attachable slip and slide!

Sale Price: Call for price
Unit Height: 24" Feet
Unit Length: 35" Feet
Unit Width: 15" Feet
Unit Weight: 680 LBS
Warranty: 12 Months

13"x13" or 15"x15" Bounce House

A bounce house is a must rental for every party rental company. We can customize any bounce house to your particular color and size.

Sale Price: Call for price
Unit Height: 12" Feet
Unit Length: 13" or 15" Feet
Unit Width: 13" or 15" Feet
Unit Weight: 150 LBS
Warranty: 12 Months

Lunar Lander 2020 24"x24" Inflatable Boxing Ring

A great interactive inflatable rental for large or small events is the inflatable boxing ring. We can customize it to any particular color you like. We can also add your company logo if you so desire.

Sale Price: Call for price
Unit Height: 8" Feet
Unit Length: 24" Feet
Unit Width: 24" Feet
Unit Weight: 400 LBS
Warranty: 12 Months

DDR Rental - Custom Experience from Amusitronix Dual Lane Slip & Slide w/ Pool

This dual lane slip & slide is a popular rental during those hot summer days. Great for backyard events and pool parties! We can make this unit any color you like!

Sale Price: Call for price
Unit Height: 7" Feet
Unit Length: 40" Feet
Unit Width: 10" Feet
Unit Weight: 285 LBS
Warranty: 12 Months

Digital Leader Board Mechanical Bull Inflatable Mat

We can customize any Mechanical Bull Inflatable Mat to any color of your choosing. If you have an worn out or torn mat and you're looking for a new one call us for the best prices in town!

Sale Price: Call for price
Unit Height: 4" Feet
Unit Length: 16" Feet
Unit Width: 16" Feet
Unit Weight: 150 LBS
Warranty: 12 Months

Lumberjack Challenge Vinyl Play Mats

We can customize vinyl play mats for your indoor party place. Also great used as a landing mat out of slides, bouncers, or just about any inflatable. We can also customize your mats to any color vinyl or thickness of your choice. Please call us for pricing.

Custom Phazer Tag Spider Mountain Inflatable Slide

For those party rental companies that own a spider mountain, we now specialize in making the inflatable slide for it. Call us for more info and pricing.

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